Got Sore Muscles? Try This Massage Hack

Hey guys!

I looove a good massage. It’s probably my favorite form of self-care and it’s seriously one of the only ways I can get super relaxed. It sounds weird, but the more intense, the better.

But lately, my muscles have been BEGGING for some love. I saw a massage therapist on the reg before the pandemic stopped almost all of our “normal” routines. I remember asking Sam for a massage instead, but that would last about two minutes before he would fall asleep.

Sooo on to Plan B. Self-massage!

Did you know that you can actually give yourself a deep tissue massage?

YES! You can! And it’s actually pretty amazing once you get the hang of it. After learning how to do this a few years ago, it’s become part of my regular routine!

Wanna learn how? Go grab some balls (no, seriously), and try this home massage hack!

What you need for an at home deep tissue massage

A ball!

Specifically, something small and hard, but not TOO HARD. Depending on the pressure you want, try a tennis ball (lightest), a massage ball (medium), or a lacrosse ball (deepest).

Otherwise, all you need is a mat to lay on. Also, you really need to lay on a flat, sturdy surface. A bed won’t work.

How to give yourself a deep tissue massage

Okay, here’s how it works.

Gently lay on your ball, making sure it’s not pushing directly on any bone or joint! Only the meaty parts.
Roll the ball around and explore! If you hit a spot that feels “good,” feel free to hold and really focus on it. If you experience any kind of shooting pain, STOP.
For a deeper massage, when laying down, lift your butt or even one leg up. For less intensity, ground both feet on the floor or keep your butt on the floor.
Roll around for about 1 minute per area, or as long as it feels good!
Make sure you BREATHE. When oxygen flows then blood flows and then your muscles can become nourished. Plus, breathing helps regulate the intensity and clear your mind.

Small warning – this can be pretty intense if you have some really tight spots that need to be worked out. Start with lighter pressure and hold for a shorter amount of time until your body adjusts!

Areas to focus on

Upper back
Lower back

Try this massage hack to relieve sore muscles!

Working out, sitting a lot throughout the day, and not-so-great posture can all lead to tight muscles. Deep tissue massage gets in there and loosens up knots in the muscle, brings more circulation to the areas that need it, and decreases inflammation. Not even kidding –  I feel like a new person after a good massage! But it’s also super important for workout recovery.

My favorite part? It also helps me RELAX.

Start slow and let your body adjust to deep tissue massage. Your muscles and mind will thank you if you incorporate this massage hack into your self-care routine!

Want a full stretch routine using the massage ball?

I loooove this stretch routine from the  #21DayTone challenge. If you’re checking off Day 10 of the Detoxify Your Life Challenge and want MORE – a longer routine that includes both the massage ball, yoga straps (or a towel works, too) – you’ll love this.

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