I Made A ‘Midnights’ Version of my 100 Ab Challenge!

Omg Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights is hereee!! Have you listened yet?! I heard Spotify crashed when it launched!!

I’m listening right now and every time I think “YES this one is my favorite,” the next song plays and immediately becomes my favorite?! I’ll have to report back on my true fave after I listen allll weekend.

So I wanted to do something to channel my excitement and really celebrate Midnights, because have we EVER anticipated a new album this much? And then it hit me.

Taylor loved the 100 Ab Challenge, so let’s make a Midnights version!!

I died when this happened. 

And if you remember, this isn’t the first time I’ve celebrated one of Taylor’s new albums! A month before 1989 dropped, I was invited to attend a private listening session AT HER HOUSE.

Umm I still can’t believe that really happened when I think about it. But I mean, I have photos to prove it wasn’t a dream, right?!

At the listening session, Taylor told me she had been watching my videos on YouTube for awhile! The feelings I had when she told me that are impossible to describe, but it felt like a dream. I literally felt like I was floating. Taylor had gotten me through some tough times in my life. She had real impact on me, and honestly I can only say that about her and like one other artist (MJ, in case you’re wondering!)

So let’s do the 100 Ab Challenge, but make it Midnights

Download JPEG

30 days, with 100 reps of a new move every day! But Taylor’s gonna motivate us all the way through. Oh and I can confirm that these moves go PERFECTLY to the beat of every song on the album.

So…are you in?!

Let me know in the comments! OH and tell me your favorite song from Midnights so far!


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