Quick and Easy Zoodles Recipe

Hey guys!

I’m soooo excited to finally share how I make zoodles (aka zucchini noodles) with you! I eat these ALL THE TIME.

This is the easiest recipe ever. And do they taste good? UM YES! A lot of people assume that zoodles are tasteless, but I promise you that’s not the case with this recipe.

A lot of people also assume that I replace pasta with zoodles because I’m a carb hater. NOPE. I’m actually against the idea that carbs are the enemy and guess what? Zucchini is actually primarily made up of carbs!

The real reason that I love zucchini in place of pasta is because eating pasta doesn’t make me feel good. Same with bread, crackers, rice, and pastries. They just don’t sit well with my stomach. I’m always on a mission to find delicious substitutes that my body will tolerate.

So no. Carbs aren’t evil! Fruits and veggies – some of the healthiest foods we can eat – ARE CARBS. But not all carbs are created equal.

If you are celiac or gluten-intolerant or just looking to sneak in some more veggie portions in your meal, zoodles will be your new best friend!

Just take a look at this beautiful bowl of zoodle deliciousness…

How to make the best zoodles

Gather your ingredients:

1 Zucchini
1 Tbsp olive oil
Marinara sauce
Protein of choice

Annnd get cookin!:

Grab a spiralizer (I use the Veggetti), and spiralize that zucchini! This is actually really fun.
Heat your olive oil over medium heat, then sauteé the zoodles until they’re slightly softened.
Season with salt, stir in some marinara, and top with your choice of protein! I love this with grilled chicken, but it literally goes with ANYTHING. Try ground beef, turkey or tofu!

It doesn’t get much easier than that!


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What I love about this zoodle recipe

If you’re wondering if I could talk about food all day….the answer is YES.

Anyways, here’s what I love about this zoodle recipe:

IT TASTES AMAZING – No, zoodles don’t have to taste like sadness. These are reallllllly good.

It’s easy and super quick – Just one pan and a few minutes cooking? I’ll take it.

Veggies galore – This is one of the easiest ways to get your veggies in.

It’s filling – People always ask if I actually feel full when I eat tons of veggies and no processed carbs. And the answer is YES! Veggies are full of fiber and will fill me right up. Combine that with a good serving of protein, and I’m definitely full.

Zoodles go with basically anything – You can serve these with almost anything. I encourage you to play around with seasonings and sauces.

Have you tried this zoodle recipe? I wanna hear what you think in the comments!

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